About Us

Welcome to Or Something, a place for smart, funny and heartfelt writing.

The Internet is full of reactionary articles, super-fast hot takes, and responses to the responses to the responses of INSERT CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECT HERE.

Or Something is a less hectic space that sparks different thoughts and discussions about what’s going on today or what’s happened this month. We want to do that in all sorts of ways — through essays, fiction, reported features and humor (we may as well have a laugh or two).

Most of all, our goal is to ensure the site’s writing doesn’t feel like a house hammered together at the last minute just because we looked over at the neighbors and, damn, their house was already finished.

Founded by two working journalists seeking a place to publish against the grain, Or Something welcomes writing of all stripes, so long as it’s thoughtful.

Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to orsomethingmedia@gmail.com.


Check Hashtag BreakingNews for decidedly un-hashtagged insights on both current, trending news and the media’s approach to covering said news.

Check The Stands for thoughts and essays on sports and popular culture.

Check Something Else for personal essays, short fiction, and humor pieces.

About the Founders

Travis M. Andrews is a travel and culture editor with Southern Living and a contributing pop culture writer for Mashable and The Week. He has written for Time, GQEsquireThe AtlanticSmithsonian, Salon and The Washington Post. When he was younger, he wrote on his mother’s walls. She was displeased. For more about Travis, please visit www.travismandrews.com or follow him on Twitter @travismandrews or email him at travis.m.andrews@gmail.com.

Colin Daileda is a guy who writes about crime and such for Mashable, where he is a staff reporter. Primarily, though, he’s into burgers and doughnuts. He is actually typing this while staring at the remnants of a burger he just ate. Mmm. For more about Colin, please follow him on Twitter @ColinDaileda or email him at colin.daileda@gmail.com.

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