March Madness Bracket Warriors Part 2: Mom is Winning

bracket photo

By Colin Daileda

Welcome to round 2 of the family March Madness bracket pool interview jam session, where we direct deep and meaningful sports questions at the members of my family bracket pool.

If you missed round one, you can check it out here.

Let’s recap the highlights!

Before the action even began, zillion-teen-time champion Chris D said he was going to win because “that’s what winners do.”

He’s not wrong.

And after round one, he looked in position.

round 1

“I’m not surprised,” he told me via text. “I knew I had to come out and give 100%. And I’d also like to thank my family…for being so bad at this.”

Strong words Cotton!

Nadene, the rookie rolling into last place, decided to throw out some confidence herself.

“Calm down, it’s just the first round.”

That’s what I told myself until Dad sent us the results of round 2.

round 2


I would say something about Chris D, but.

Anyway let’s go to the pack leader. Mom, tell us how you did it!

“Are you kidding?” she asked. “Almost pure luck!”

That’s great for morale.

Now let’s go to the current silver medalist — Kyle!

“You’re losing out of all of us,” he said. “Which is like, the first time ever, I’m pretty sure. And then I’m like, in second.”


Dad and I picked championship teams that both went down in round 1, so count us out.

But hey, watch for Nikki and Chris B — winners of the last two pools, sitting quietly in the top half. Sharks, I tell ya!

Colin Daileda is a co-founder of Or Something and a staff reporter at Mashable. Follow him in the Twittersphere: @ColinDaileda

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