March Madness Fan Highlights: Lumberjack love

Flickr/Dave Mathis

By Colin Daileda

Jacked for Lumberjacks

My dad runs our family bracket pool a little differently than every other pool I’ve played in. Whenever anyone in the pool has done so poorly that two teams they didn’t pick are playing each other (meaning they wouldn’t normally be invested in the outcome), he lets us re-pick for half the points.

So on Saturday morning, he called.

“I was going to just send you an email but I looked at this and thought, ‘there’s just too much,’” he said.

Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

The right side of my bracket was a murder scene of red ink, and I had to re-pick almost everything.

“Alright, so who’s going to win Stephen F. Austin vs. Notre Dame?,” he asked. Stephen F. Austin (Lumberjacks!) had beaten West Virginia the previous day, and I’d had WVU in the final four. Stephen F. Austin is a 14 seed. Sad emoji.

“Stephen F. Austin,” I said.

“OK, and who wins Stephen F. Austin versus Xavier?”

“Stephen F. Austin.”

Dad laughed

“Alright, then Stephen F. Austin vs. Kentucky?” (This was before Kentucky lost).

“Stephen F. Austin!”

“And against Virginia?”

“Stephen F. Austin!”

“And against Oklahoma for the title?”


My old Kentucky is going home

With something like 20 seconds before Kentucky would fall to Indiana, an Indiana player was at the free throw line, and the guy sitting next to me at the bar raised his arms and waggled them at the TV.

“AAAHHHHhhhhHHHHhHhHh,” is what came out of his mouth.

This did not seem to matter to the man from Indiana. He drilled the shot, and from somewhere in the bar I heard a very loud “FUCK.”

Maybe it came from the bearded dude in the gray Kentucky shirt who, a minute or two after his team was sent packing far earlier than any Kentucky fan is emotionally ready to accept, he passed me and stood staring behind the bar, not saying anything. Hopefully he got a drink.

Colin Daileda is a co-founder of Or Something and a staff reporter at Mashable. Follow him on the Twitters: @ColinDaileda

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