March Madness Fan Highlights: Burn it all Down

Sad fan
Flickr/Justin Henry

By Colin Daileda


I was standing in front of three big screen TVs all playing Michigan State-Middle Tennessee State, angrily dunking my baby carrots into this little saucer of hummus and crunching them in my mouth like logs in a mulcher.

Every time Michigan State cut the lead to two or one or three, these Middle Tennessee State people would run right back down and extend the lead. It was like a choreographed dance, or a play. With nine minutes to go in the game, I knew exactly how it would end. So did everyone watching. So too, it seemed, did the players.

Wall Street types tell you to diversify your portfolio if you want to be successful on the stock market. The more money you have in more things, the easier it is to avoid the pitfalls of one hot company that turned out not to be a great investment. Michigan State was my one hot company, and I did not diversify. I made four brackets, and three of those had Michigan State as the last team standing. The other one had them in the title game.

Now I am trying to remind myself that this does not affect my life so please stop being angry about it.


bball text.jpg

A dream, sold off to the highest (or any) bidder

The line of West Virginia fans had slowed to a trickle about 30 minutes after they fell to 14-seed Stephen F. Austin in the battle of the Lumberjacks and the Mountaineers. And out they went into a pack of ticket scalpers, grouped together like a flock of vultures around the exit, swarming the people with “WVU” imprints on their shirts walking out in pairs and groups of three.

Some fans walked right up to the scalpers with their tickets out and ready. A quick negotiation, then straight to the Subway. No point in coming back for the weekend once your team’s already done, I guess.

Colin Daileda is a co-founder of Or Something and a staff reporter at Mashable. You can follow him in the Twitterverse: @ColinDaileda


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